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In an ideal world, no caller would need to be put on-hold. However, for various reasons, the receptionist or call attendant is unable to deal with every call immediately. Even putting calls through to the appropriate extension takes time. Whether it be for 10 seconds, 30 seconds or even longer, that valuable time could be used to benefit both parties. By offering the caller relevant information on the one part while taking the pressure off the switchboard / receptionist on the other.

John Franklin Audio offer the full solution, we can provide you with multiple messages, voice artiste, royalty free music, recording, editing and mastering and for unlimited use.

On-hold company advertising is a golden opportunity to inform your customers of new products, special offers, location details, career opportunities and trading times or simply just to apologize for keeping them waiting and assure them that they have not been forgotten. A subtle way for you to enhance your company image, reduce your call abandonment rate and impress the caller whom, after all, spends an average of 40 hours a year "ON-HOLD".


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